Boston Zoning Alert

Massachusetts Zoning
Massachusetts Zoning Landlaw Legal Publishers' paper edition of the Boston Zoning Code is the definitive reference for Boston zoning. Published since 1990, our Boston Zoning Alert is an enormous time saver over the city-supplied versions that are often out-of-date and incomplete.
Updated constantly, our edition includes an easily-managed 5-volume set for the text of the Code along with separate volumes for maps and map amendments.
This publication is critical for Boston real estate attorneys, developers, university law departments, and libraries.

Features include:

  • Full text of the Code with the most recent text and map amendments
  • Alphabetical index of articles and handy table of contents
  • Numbered tabs for each article and map for ease of use
  • Separate volumes for maps and map amendments
  • 11"x17" reduced versions of zoning maps to speed your research
  • Annual subscription to our service that provides regular no-cost updates (amendments and reprints) with step-by-step filing instructions and toll-free 800 support
  • Special offers for first-time subscribers
Editor's Tip: Also consider subscribing to our publication reporting the decisions of the Massachusetts Land Court and including expert legal commentary, subject matter indices, and updates.
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