Dan Heffernan, Massachusetts Special Education Reporter Commentator

Dan Heffernan Dan Heffernan of Kotin Crabtree & Strong concentrates his practice in the areas of Massachusetts special education, civil rights, personal injury, medical malpractice, and children's torts. He represents children with special needs and their families, people injured in accidents, and those who have had their civil rights violated.
Mr. Heffernan has extensive trial experience and has litigated numerous complex cases throughout the Commonwealth and across the country. He has served on the faculty of Harvard Law School's Trial Advocacy Program, instructing law students in trial preparation and trial techniques. From 1995 to the present he has served on the board of directors of the Federation for Children with Special Needs and was board president from 1995 to 2007. In 2002, he and his wife, Julie, received the Dr. Allen C. Crocker Award for Excellence from the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress. He writes and lectures frequently on special education law and advocacy. Mr. Heffernan has been named a Super Lawyer in special education law every year since 2005 and was named as a Top Rated Lawyer in Education by The Boston Globe in 2012. From 1995 to 2000, he served as the president of the board of directors of Community Legal Services and Counseling Center. He also serves on the MDSC Education Task Force. He has two daughters, Maggie and Evie, and a twenty-one year old son, Brian, with Down syndrome.
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