Paul Haverty, Massachusetts Housing Appeals Committee Reporter Commentator

Paul Haverty Paul J. Haverty is a Partner with Blatman, Bobrowski & Haverty LLC. His practice focuses on real estate and land development, with significant experience appearing before local zoning boards of appeals, planning boards, conservation commissions and other local permit granting authorities.

Mr. Haverty specializes in permitting and litigation involving comprehensive permit projects pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40B and is recognized as one of the Commonwealth’s leading figures on the subject. Mr. Haverty also serves as a consultant through the Massachusetts Housing Partnership’s 40B Technical Review Consultant program, providing assistance to zoning boards of appeal on comprehensive permit applications. Paul has also represented comprehensive permit applicants on numerous projects.

Mr. Haverty has presented at multiple training sessions for the Massachusetts Citizen Planner Training Collaborative, providing training for planning and zoning board members of issues relating to Chapter 40B developments. Mr. Haverty is also the co-chair of the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association’s (“CHAPA”) Chapter 40B Training Committee.

Our publication focusing on affordable housing in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Housing Appeals Committee Reporter, is greatly enhanced by the expert analysis of Massachusetts attorneys such as Paul Haverty.
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